Privacy Protection Act 2012 (Cth)

O’Neill Partners is the trading name of O’Neill Partners Commercial Lawyers (incorporating Sally Nash & Co). We are a boutique commercial law firm that provides specialist legal services to its clients. This Privacy Policy sets out how O’Neill Partners manages your personal information.

What we will do:

Your personal information is collected and held by us:

  • to assist us to act in the best interests of our clients;
  • to fulfil our role and responsibilities as lawyers; and
  • as required by Courts or by Government Authorities.

Court rules may require that certain notices be issued to an entity, for example ASIC or AFSA.

Some Acts such as the Bankruptcy Act 1966, Corporations Act 2001, Federal Circuit Court of Australia Act, Federal Court of Australia Act, Service and Execution of Process Act and Uniform Civil Procedure Rules, among others, require that your personal information be provided to a Court or to a process server.

If you are a current or former client of the firm, we will maintain your personal information as outlined in our Costs Agreement and Disclosure Notice.

We will maintain each client’s legal professional privilege in relation to matters which we conduct on behalf of the client unless ordered by a Court to produce documents or files or required by statutory notices to give such production.

What we won’t do:

We will not collect and hold information about you unless you have provided it to us for the purpose of the legal matter upon which we are acting or it is publicly available information.

We will not provide your personal information to any entity outside the terms of this Privacy Policy without your consent or unless required by law.

We will not provide your personal details regarding judgments entered against you to any credit reference association. Please note that the Court may provide this information under some circumstances.

We will not collect personal or browsing information via our website or provide your personal information to any other internet user or use cookies to on-sell your personal information.

Contacting us about privacy

To enquire about any privacy issue, or make a request for access to information, please contact Grant Hackelton on the details given in this website.